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Candace Swimmer

Photography has been in my life since my teens when I carefully saved up to buy my first 35mm camera. The field has come a long way since the days of developing black and white film in the dark room. Photography has been my form of creative expression for many years. I have since moved into the digital world- expanding my expertise in post processing. I love the ability to see my images in real time and the instant feedback that the digital experience allows.

Photography is my tool to capture beauty, whether my subjects are landscapes, wildlife, or common household objects. Close and careful examination allows one to find that splendor. I am fortunate to live in Northern California where there are ample opportunities to search for those photos. I have also traveled the world and captured that experience on film (or pixels).

My recent work is focused on abstract representations. I capture objects, flora, and fauna out and about and also photograph many objects in the studio.

My goal is to capture the intrinsic qualities of light, texture, and geometry that makes these objects most interesting to me.

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O'Hanlon Photography Group: H2O

Presented by O'Hanlon Photography Group at Bay Model Visitor Center

Dec 06, 2022 - Feb 11, 2023