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Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis is Marin County, California’s leading landscape artist. He is a full-time professional with over a decade’s experience behind the camera. With his partner Tung, he specializes in custom-created, ultra-high-resolution images that are ready to display in large prints and digital applications that demand perfect detail. Their large, detailed prints and wall coverings are on display in numerous California homes and office buildings with installations up to 40 feet wide.

Jeff’s work is instantly recognizable, influential, and full of emotion. His work breathes emotion into landscape stories that resonate with all of us. It has attracted a wide range of international clients and publishers, which include Adobe, Bing, Marin Living Magazine, AAA, Marin Magazine, Backpacker, The Nature Conservancy, UCLA, and the Sierra Club.

He is one of twelve artists around the United States to be featured in Adobe’s global Creative Cloud launch. He is the official photographer for the Marin Agricultural Land Trust and Black Mountain Ranch. With a B.S. in meteorology from UCLA, Jeff uses satellite images, weather models, and his own in-house patented Escaype cloud and light model to predict when and where the best light will occur.

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