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Nancy Nichols

From the beginning drawing and painting have been my primary tools. Through decades of artistic expression my work has taken various directions. My background experience in Fine Art and Graphic Design gives me valuable artistic insight that I apply to my work. I create personalized websites for artists. Mixed media opens opportunity to explore new materials and direction. 

My imagination is inspired by Mother Nature with a curiosity of the unknown. The beauty of California fuels my creative expression. I  grew up in Pleasant Hill and believe my first Art studio was a tree fort in an old oak tree.

My most recent involvement has been teaching painting with coffee. Painting with coffee is similar to traditional watercolor painting but much easier.

Coffee Art Works teaches creative skills to develop greater self acceptance and personal strength. Painting with coffee is taught in workshops as new and unique means of personal expression. I also paint with wine.

When I realized  people were not afraid to paint when using coffee I was inspired to encourage their blocked artistic skills. The workshops are especially inspiring for people who believe they cannot paint at all. Because coffee is not really paint people are not afraid to get started with it. I have a background as a social worker and view painting as a form of art therapy. 

The workshops are taught on Zoom and in live settings. Private sessions and individual lessons are available.

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