Sherri Silverman

Sherri Silverman


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   Lagunitas, CA, 94938

art. beauty. consciousness. color. nature. essence.

My painting conveys my response to the essence of nature and consciousness. This shows up in how my brush moves in both my abstract  and representational artwork. Energy, essence, emotion translate my inner experience, an approach to art-making with a long tradition throughout Asia.

When it comes to recognizable imagery, flowers and plants seem to be my thing. I paint them a lot, and their ideograms are my favorite Chinese calligraphy exercises. Indian aesthetics, like ancient China's, advocates capturing “the essence of the forms rather than direct copies of their natural shapes…observed, understood, well-savoured, and the response of the artist.” How very Taoist! And very Sherri!

My real artist statements are my art and life. More reveals itself to me daily in the studio as paintings in gouache, pastels, and mineral pigment; mixed media; collage; and photography--- whatever artforms emerge, frequently as a surprise.

I explore my inner images and the world around me in nature, books, and art. My inspiration comes from quiet interior states and over 45 years of meditation practice. My goal is to make art that expands and enlivens consciousness, nourishes, heals, and evokes happiness and wholeness by delving into the mystery of creating something from nothing.