Larry Davidson

Larry Davidson



   4 Meadow Way, Fairfax, CA, 94930

Undoubtedly I am a photographer. My tools are a 35mm Nikkormat that I have used for over 40 years and a trusted companion Fuji Provia slide film, yes, you heard me right a camera and film. But my biggest and most important tools are the belief that what I see in the viewfinder is by no means all there is to be seen. A boundless imagination and the absolute conviction that there are no rules that bind me in any way during the creation of my work.

I am a lifelong photographer but over the years my camera has become but a means to a end. After I have exposed film the taking of photographs stops and the creation of art begins.

At the core of my work is color, light, a sense of texture, the creation of mood and most importantly above mentioned essential ingredient, imagination.

Years ago I began experimenting with multiple imagery, the stacking, layering or sandwiching of numerous 35mm slides to create a new and unique abstract image. The results were unexpected exciting and surprising, creating images of remarkable color, a sense of motion and a translucence usually found only in a projected slide.

My newest project photographic collage construction has taken the multiple image idea to another level. Assembled pieces from numerous different prints originally from numerous different layers creating unique and one of a kind works of art.