Sherri Carroll

Sherri Carroll

Mixed Media Artist - Visual Artist - painter



   75 Plum Tree Lane #1, San Rafael, CA, 94901

Sherri Lynn Carroll is an acrylic and watercolor artist specializing in vibrant, surrealistic, luscious imagery. She is versatile and has vast experience with many subjects from landscapes to portraits but has some niche specific specialties. Her four favorite and developed subjects of expertise are: guinea pigs in festive garden settings, nautaloids and fish in vivid underwater scenes, fire and flow arts dancers steeped in music related imagery, and the erotic figurative essence of the BDSM, kink and fetish world.

Sherri has been a popular Mendocino County artist for over 20 years and recently relocated to the North Bay Area. Over the years she has been highly versatile and painted many subjects and on a huge variety of objects including but not limited to:  murals on homes, businesses, barns, sheds, automobiles, art on airplanes, boats, clothing, horse trailers, propane tanks, leather masks, children's face painting, henna temporary tattoos, live painting at festivals, garden art, signs for numerous businesses and personal use, logo design for dance studios, salons, clothing, festivals and poster art, 15 years straight of Christmas and holiday windows, hand painted cards, even chickens, yes live chickens...

Sherri is highly social and great at collaborating with other artists and loves commissions. Feel free to contact her about art, life, the universe and everything.