Etleva Belishova

Etleva Belishova


   30 Ross Road, Sausalito, CA, 94965

Etleva Belishova lives and works in Sausalito, California.

Executed in the very traditional medium of oil on canvas, the generally large-format paintings of Eva Belishova represent a balancing act, newly defined in every painting, between exaggerated figuration and their abstract surroundings. Big-eyed women, long legged female nudes, and dainty animals: dogs, birds and rabbits, individually placed in dramatic landscapes, in ever new and highly polished variations. Her painting is continually a new configuration, belonging to an allusive series of figures that populates Eva Belishova’s pictorial World.

Her paintings show the powerful strokes of her brushes, the liberation from the gravity of her objects, and the poetic perception merged together. At times she seems to look at the World through the magic crystal, at other, ironically and thoughtfully. Eva Belishova’s art is powerful, internal, and authentic, as opposed to mimicry. Warhol said once “the Art was about liking things”, whereas for Eva Belishova Art is about loving things.