Ann-Marie Stöhr

Ann-Marie Stöhr

Visual Artist - Independent Curator



   212 Laverne Ave, Mill Valley, CA

Ann-Marie Stöhr who is a quadri-lingual artist with a cultural background in France, Sweden and Germany and three native languages considers painting to be her fifth language. Stöhr was educated and pursued her art studies in all three countries. She received her MFA in 1997 from HBK Saar in New Genres, Saarbrücken Germany, where she studied under feminist avant-garde performance and video artist Ulrike Rosenbach.

Her work has been exhibited at the Saarland Museum in Saarbrücken, Mia-Münster Haus St.Wendel, Kunstforum Bonn, Gothenburg, PS Gallery in Gothenburg, Patricia Sweetow Gallery in San Francisco and the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley.

Her work is in public collections at the Swedish Art Council, the Cultural Office of Gothenburg, the Cultural Office of Rheinland-Pfalz Germany.

Stöhr lives in Marin.