Audrey Moira Shimkas

Audrey Moira Shimkas

Musician/Band - Vocalist, jazz, cabaret, swing


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   1690 Tiburon Blvd, Belvedere Tiburon, CA, 94920

The Shimkas Group is available for bookings: parties, weddings, festivals, special events, benefit celebrations, etc.

Audrey is a stunning West Coast vocalist pioneering her own path as a uniquely placed artist with the versatility to perform American and Brazilian jazz favorites as well as jazz interpretations of favorite pop/rock tunes.

She is a captivating performer with a singular sound and style, always at ease, fresh and compelling. Her elegance, good taste, and emotional poignancy position Audrey as one the most refreshing mainstream voices heard in recent years. It’s no wonder that she's built up a devoted following, she is one of the brightest emerging stars in Bay Area music today. Accompanied by talented and masterful musicians, the Shimkas Group is gonna’ keep you entertained and joyful.

A native of New York, Audrey was classically trained on piano and piano jazz harmony, and she performed acoustic folk and electric rhythm guitar during the folk-rock generation of Dylan and the Beatles. She studied dance (ballet and jazz) and acting (ACT, Actor’s Workshop, etc.) and spent several years on stage in New York and San Francisco.

Bay Area vocal training taught Audrey to blend her warm, alto voice with her higher register, thus providing her with the chops to express a full range of musical ideas—and ultimately, the freedom for jazz interpretation. Audrey is heavily influenced by the jazz greats Billie and Ella and contemporaries like Nancy Wilson, Mark Murphy, Mary Stallings and Madeline Eastman—but her sound and style are uniquely her own.