Susan Pascal Beran

Susan Pascal Beran

Designer - Mixed Media Artist - Writer - Sculptor


   32 Manor View Dr, Fairfax, CA, 94930

Since 1986, I have worked full-time creating sculpture which explores motion as metaphoric and narrative. I started doing art shows around the country including Lincoln Center, Miami, Oklahoma, Colorado, La Jolla, Arizona, Palm Springs, Beverly Hills etc. exhibiting smaller works and then moved into also creating monumental works of art for public and corporate placements. I now have installations around the country. These are landmark or totem pieces which identify the dreams and personalities of communities and environments. My work is unique; it is not just about forms in motion, but also about motion in forms. I have an arts and science background and so the physics of motion are as much my media as are the materials. For example, my sculpture, Skynetics, is a celebration of intricate momentum-mass transfers, Music of the Spheres, dances with ethereal tai chi-like tension due to propellation via wind votices, and Skylightric II utilizes a unique aerodynamic foil to translate wind’s potential energy into dancing lights via wind generators. Mass and energy interfaces in an magical alchemical world which drives my curiosities and creative drive. I find it a rich means of storytelling. Life is about change and surviving the elements and the unexpected, this style of sculpture speaks beautifully to that. As such, my art has won numerous awards and recognitions, however, my goal has been to make motion not only dynamic and exciting but also inspiring and calming.