Jill Hoefgen

Jill Hoefgen


Website: https://www.jillhoefgen.com

   496 Oak Manor Dr, Fairfax, CA, 94930

Jill Hoefgen is a painter and photographer, specializing in abstract acrylic on canvas and digital images representing “hidden” environments. Jill was born and raised in Wisconsin, where she spent a lot of time outdoors experiencing nature and creating art. She attended graduate school at the University of Minnesota and received her Master’s of Arts Education. She went on to teach art in an elementary school near Denver, Colorado and continued to create acrylic paintings and photography.

Upon moving to California in 2002, Jill began teaching Drawing and Painting classes at a local private high school, subsequently implemented an accredited photography program, and built a darkroom on campus.

She is currently working with DrawBridge, an Art Program for Homeless Children and exhibits her work at galleries in Marin County and San Francisco, while continuing to create digital photographs and paintings at home in Fairfax, California with her husband, two children, and their dog.