Sonya Hammons

Sonya Hammons


   300 Napa St #30, Sausalito, CA, 94965

Sonya Hammons is a Sausalito-based artist and marine canvas fabricator.


After training as a geographer and a decade-long international career as a sustainability advisor for the United Nations, she returned to her home neighborhood: the houseboats of Sausalito. Sonya shelters-in-place aboard her 78-year old World War 2 mahogany plywood converted landing craft. It is a fiber sculpture of its own. Her materials-based work centers around handmade wool felt, salvaged boat rope, and local pigments and dyes. Black, white, naturally-occurring rust, and organic indigo form the color palette of her recent work.


Sonya accepts commissions for fine art and fine craft work including wall pieces, fiber sculpture, interactive outdoor installations, sound insulation panels, and wearable art.