Aia Bower

Aia Bower


   ICB Studio 275, 480 Gate 5 Rd., Sausalito, CA

My paintings are expressions of my essence. I enjoy creating work that visually captivates the viewer on a physical and emotional level while quietly transporting them to a vibrant yet soothing world. I find inspiration in nature and in our relationship to nature. The fluidity of organic lines and curves, ever-changing light, air, and the energy that moves through all living things excites me.

I enjoy creating dynamic compositions that are ethereal, expressive, gestural and musical. My paintings are modern interpretations of nature's wonders blended with my intimate personal journey and embrace varying levels of abstraction, patterns and imagery. Each piece is an expression, an emotion, a dance or a melody conveyed in an entirely non-objective way while expressing rhythmic poetry without a described reality.