Patricia Oji

Patricia Oji



   Art Works Downtown, 1325 4th Street, Studio #6, San Rafael, CA, 94901

I am a San Francisco Bay Area contemporary painter who works in a realistic style. I show the world from above and below, using fresh angles and points of view to help us see familiar subjects in a new way.

The cityscapes transport the viewer to new and surprising perspectives. As we look down from far away, we see the rhythm and patterns of the buildings. My portraits of hens and roosters reveal their individual character and style. The koi paintings show us the life and movement that go on just beneath the surface.

I use a very limited palette of 3 secondary colors (plus white) to convey my own interpretation of familiar scenes and subjects. By careful attention to value, temperature, and hue, my work shows how light and atmosphere affect how we see. My goal is to stimulate the imagination of the viewer.

I find inspiration in the wider world that surrounds us. Music, landscape architecture, theatre, and the martial arts all find their way into my creative work.