Mimi Chen Ting

Mimi Chen Ting


Website: http://mimichenting.com/

   480 Gate Five Road, #345B, Sausalito, CA, 94965

Mimi Chen Ting is a painter, printmaker, and performance artist.  While her primary residence is in Taos, NM, she began maintaining a home and studio (ICB) in Sausalito in 2000 with the arrival of her first grand child.  Since her first solo exhibition at the Lucien Labaudt Gallery (1970), Ting has maintained an active practice in exhibition, performance and teaching.  Her work has been shown here and abroad in museums, galleries, and educational institutions and are found in numerous public, corporate, and private collections.

Ting's preferred idiom is abstract and reductive... "When colors and contours engage dynamically and emphatically, they can capture and illuminate life’s fleeting moments, invite empathy, bridge disparities, reconcile dichotomies, and promise infinite possibilities.  This is a practice that is both liberating and restorative; I am grateful to travel its path, and privileged to share it."