Elizabeth Geisler

Elizabeth Geisler


Website: https://www.elizgeisler.com


   ICB, 480 Gate 5 Road, Studio #259D, Sausalito, CA, 94965

Elizabeth Geisler is an award-winning California painter with a background in printmaking, photography, music, and film.  Her work hangs in collections across the United States and shows in galleries nationwide. She began painting at a young age, and while still in high school, was awarded a life drawing scholarship to the Otis College of Art and Design. In college she studied both visual arts and mass communications, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA. She continued her art studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, Barnsdall Art College, and the City College of San Francisco. Best known for her paintings of water and nightscapes, Geisler has a special affinity for light, shadow and reflection.

"I am particularly drawn to water, because it is inherently calming. For me, water represents life, as we cannot survive without it, and it literally flows through all of us.  In these tumultuous times, I find painting the intricate reflection patterns to be a meditative and sometimes, cathartic process.  I also enjoy the challenge of painting the reflections so they reside somewhere between photorealism and abstraction.  Up close, the color use and brushwork read as abstraction, but from a distance, they blend into a more representational depiction.  My work is about appreciating the beauty of the abstract composition nature provides, while conjuring the almost musical rhythm of the water and its restorative properties."