Tracy Flanagan

Tracy Flanagan

Craftmaker - Visual Artist - textile artist


   ICB Bldg, Studio 237D, 480 Gate Five Road, Sausalito, CA, 94965

I ecoprint and stitch new life into upcycled discarded cloths using plants and natural dye products extracted from the earth. By reconfiguring these well worn cloths I tell a new story of connection between place, fiber, and family.

Hand marked fabric- touched, worn, and loved- is art that celebrates and heals the body and spirit.  After years as a doctor helping women stay healthy and birth babies, I am now a doula of cloth.

Process-Botanical dyes and Ecoprinting

I use cellulose (cotton, linen, hemp, and bamboo) and protein (wool, silk) fabrics, each prepared differently to accept dye and plant colors. The hand process of dipping the fabric, placing leaves on the cloth, and tight bundling for the heated pot create imprints in variations of form and color. With heat, these plants and flowers of Northern California discharge their color and image to the fabric, often with thrilling and unexpected results. With changing seasons, time of day, and individually unique trees, these botanical print designs constantly surprise.