Wo Schiffman

Wo Schiffman


Website: https://woschiffman.com

   Studio 118, ICB, 480 Gate 5 Road,, Sausalito, CA, 94965

Artist Statement

My art practice is inspired by the natural landscapes I have encountered in my land and sea explorations over many years. Observing natural patterns and formations from the Arctic Circle to the Great Barrier Reef has provided the palette and motivation to expand and abstract these vistas and expose the sources and natural processes that form them. As an oil , wax and ink painter, I work with ground pigments made from botanicals and minerals, suspended in cold or hot beeswax, ink and oil paints. The process of creating these images with hot or cold pigments emulates the physical planetary process of heat, cold, pressure and stratification. Posing questions about the past, present and future land and seascapes of our planet is central to my art practice.


Trained in oil, ink, wax painting, and monotype printing, Wo works primarily on wood, washi paper, and stone. As the daughter of NASA Scientists, her education explored not only art but questions in Physics and Philosophy. Wo holds a BA in Philosophy (summa cum laude) with honors from John Carroll University, with concentrated atelier art study in Scandinavia and the US including the Art Students League of NY and the Cleveland Institute of Art. Wo's work is in the permanent collections of: the New York Hall of Science Museum, the Hosby Konsthall Print Museum(Sweden), and the Museum of Encaustic Art (Santa Fe, NM) and numerous private collections.