Cornelius Boots

Cornelius Boots


   PO Box 208, Forest Knolls, CA

Cornelius Boots is a woodwind composer-performer, bamboo shakuhachi master, breathing ambassador and educator.  Advocate of tea, nature, consciousness, Zen, Dio and Swamp Thing.

His shakuhachi name is 深禅 (Shinzen) deep Zen and he is a licensed shihan (master) in the dynamic Zen lineage of Watazumido. After a 30-year career of high-caliber jazz, classical, rock and experimental music activities on multiple woodwinds, Boots has now positioned himself at the crossroads of personal expression and divine revelation and only plays bamboo shakuhachi.

Earth Elemental hymns & anthems on bamboo shakuhachi & Taimu (bass) shakuhachi.  Big breathing bamboo gospel, ecoclassical and alternative world music. A living art form evolving from the depths of contemplative Zen Taoist practice.