Lippy Lipman

Lippy Lipman

Director - Film/Video Artist - Visual Artist - Animator


   310 Rydal Ave, Mill Valley, CA, 94941

Lippy (Michael Lipman) is a classically trained 2D animation director who first found success as a feature film animator in Hollywood. With the introduction of interactive media he transitioned to producing major entertainment pieces for CD ROMs, console gaming, online advertising, and internet-based animation. All the while he was building a reputation as a solid animator and a director whose primary goal was to “protect the story” and keep clear communication at the forefront.

Currently Lippy is enlisting new technologies like VR to further the immersive educational possibilities for his client, TED Ed. His success in creating educational shorts that are at once entertaining and memorable has made him one of the most requested directors in TED Ed’s stable of talent. He lives in Mill Valley.