Laurie Marshall

Laurie Marshall

Visual Artist - Writer - Teaching Artist


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   936 B 7th St. PMB 180, Novato, CA

I am a painter, writer, artist, teacher and spiritual activist.

I combine my passion for art and young people as the founder of the Singing Tree Project - a collaborative mural process based on trees where the whole world is invited to create together. There are 48 murals made by 17,000 people from 50 countries so far, each one envisioning success about a challenge of concern to the community. The Singing Tree Forest is growing and all are welcome.

I just illustrated "The Flood of Kindness - Inspired by Hurricane Katrina", which was written by 14 year old De'Ante Webster of Indianapolis.

I lead Creative Leadership Training and Violence Prevention Workshops using the visual arts and storytelling with George Washington University's Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, NASA, the Department of Interior, the Army Corps of Engineers, the UN and the U.S. Botanical Gardens.

My book, Beating the Odds Now! – Ten Steps for Teachers to Meet the Standards and Still Love What You Do, is used in teaching arts integration project-based learning around the world. To see more of my art, go to