Nov 04 2018
Steven Johnson - Farsighted & How We Got to No...

Steven Johnson - Farsighted & How We Got to No...

Presented by Book Passage at Book Passage, Corte Madera

Did you drink a glass of water today? Did you turn on a light? Did you think about how miraculous either one of those things is when you did it?

Of course not — but you should, and New York Times bestselling author Steven Johnson has.

This adaptation of his adult book and popular PBS series How We Got To Now explores the fascinating and interconnected stories of innovations — like clean drinking water and electricity — that changed the way people live.

Steven Johnson‘s classic Where Good Ideas Come From inspired creative people all over the world with new ways of thinking about innovation. In Farsighted, he uncovers powerful tools for honing the important skill of complex decision-making. While you can’t model a once-in-a-lifetime choice, you can model the deliberative tactics of expert decision-makers.

These experts aren’t just the master strategists running major companies or negotiating high-level diplomacy. They’re the novelists who draw out the complexity of their characters’ inner lives, the city officials who secure long-term water supplies, and the scientists who reckon with future challenges most of us haven’t even imagined. The smartest decision-makers don’t go with their guts. Their success relies on having a future-oriented approach and the ability to consider all their options in a creative, productive way.

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