Jun 09 - 30 2020
LOCAL>> You Are Not Alone: An Immersive Audi...

LOCAL>> You Are Not Alone: An Immersive Audi...

Presented by Denmo Ibrahim at Streaming Arts

An Immersive Audio Walking Experience For One

Conceived by Denmo Ibrahim and Tracy Cameron Francis
Written and performed by:  Denmo Ibrahim
Original Musical Score by:  Ryan Anthony Francis

“Today has a kind of magic. And you know this…I love that about you. You are impossible. In the very best ways.”
~ Zaha, 67, your new friend

Do memories linger on street corners? Is adventure possible just around the block? Does magic exist?

You Are Not Alone is an interactive walking experience for one. Immerse yourself in your own neighborhood with a 20 minute audio story with you as the main character. Unlock your imagination. Be accompanied by an old friend. Delve into the stories and secrets just outside your front door.

To book this experience, register here. You’ll receive instructions and a link to download for your next walk.

The experience is 20 minutes and can take place anywhere in the world.
(currently this is only available in English)

Sliding scale: $5-$15

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Sliding scale: $5-$15

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2020/06/09 - 2020/06/30

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Streaming Arts