Aug 22 2021
LOCAL>> Re-Bodying Life: Tamalpa Life/Art Pr...

LOCAL>> Re-Bodying Life: Tamalpa Life/Art Pr...

Presented by Tamalpa Institute at Streaming Arts

Recovering from trauma requires that we recuperate the capacity to inhabit our bodies.

The Tamalpa Life/Art Process offers an effective therapeutic model that not only recognizes the body in its full dimension, but also facilitates connection to preverbal and symbolic aspects of self, which are beneficial when working with trauma.

The language of the arts provides a world beyond analytical thought and conventional communication, allowing for a path to access and give form to sensations, emotions, memories, and images that may not be able to be expressed solely in everyday language.

In this experiential workshop, Rosario Sammartino will guide participants through various somatic artistic interventions in order to learn how to safely resource and support trauma healing. Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the value of combined somatic and artistic approaches for healing trauma.
  2. Learn basic Somatic-artistic techniques and interventions for processing trauma.
  3. Develop awareness around self-care & resources to modulate arousal.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in healing trauma for themselves or others. No previous dance or art experience is required.

To get the most out of this online class, please prepare a comfortable space to move in with access to your online device. Please have art supplies ready at hand for drawing activities, and paper and pen for journaling and creative writing exercises.

Rosario Sammartino, Ph.D., RSME, RSMT, is a leading therapist and educator in the intersecting fields of expressive arts, somatics and depth psychology.

Admission Info

$40 – Register HERE

Registration closes at 4PM Pacific Time on FRIDAY, August 20th

Phone: 415-457-8555


Additional time info:

9:00 am - 12:00 noon PDT

Dates & Times

2021/08/22 - 2021/08/22

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Streaming Arts