Birdbath Theatres

Birdbath Theatres




 North Bay, CA

Birdbath Theatres is a new production house in the North Bay of San Francisco focusing on community connection through the theatre arts.

Mission: A place where we can, in the words of an ancient Taoist saying, “wash our minds at the gates of mystery.”

History:  The company was founded by David Abrams, a local theatre teaching artist, with the belief that the performing arts have the ability to bring us together in the present moment.  It is in this presence he believes, that we, both the performers and the audience, have the opportunity to refresh ourselves.

The idea of Misogi, or the Japanese Shinto practice of ritual purification was introduced to David through his Aikido and Flowing Dragon Swords practices.  It was a small bird bathing in the waters of the Fairfax Creek which cemented in him that theatre could be and essentially is a form of Misogi.

Outreach:  An important part of Birdbath Theatres is giving back. This may be in the form of drama therapy workshops, volunteering and doing shows at local veteran or education establishments, or simply having ticket prices that allow anyone to come see our shows. Contact us with any opportunities with your local, favorite charities and we’ll see what we can do together!