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PaperSeed Foundation

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 88 Rowland Way, Suite 300, California, Novato, CA 94945

We envision a world where all children have the opportunity to obtain a quality education, and believe that local leaders know best how to improve their own communities. PaperSeed seeks to create lasting impact, well after the organization has ceased to be directly involved, by granting seed money to community-based organizations with leaders who have demonstrated an ability to run sustainable, long-lasting initiatives.

One of PaperSeed’s art-related projects is the Recycled Materials Art Competition, which promotes recycling and reuse of materials emphasizing creativity and innovation, in line with California’s goals to keep 75% of waste out of landfills by the year 2020. The competition is an opportunity for Marin County children to learn more about recycling. Our goal is to raise public awareness and support of educational programming regarding recycling, reducing, and reusing of materials while building strong coalitions between community stakeholders in education, sustainability, and the arts.

PaperSeed is grateful to CellMark, who underwrites all operating and administrative expenses for the foundation, thus allowing 100 percent of donations to directly benefit innovative leaders, entrepreneurs, and projects that strengthen education. The foundation operates on a global scale, and has the unique opportunity of working together with CellMark, business partners of CellMark, and community-based organizations to bridge resource gaps and enhance children’s lives. To date, PaperSeed has supported the education of children and young people in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Guatemala, Kenya, India, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Peru, Thailand and the United States.