Audrey Moira Shimkas Jazz Ensemble

Audrey Moira Shimkas Jazz Ensemble




 100 Civic Ctr Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903

Audrey Moira Shimkas Jazz Ensemble is gonna’ keep you entertained with swinging jazz standards popularized by artists like Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee and so many more.  She also arranges favorite pop/rock and blues tunes from Blood, Sweat & Tears to Joni Mitchell.  Make a request and see what happens!  Audrey’s sets are full of so many beautiful and cool spins on jazz, pop and rock that they appeal to everyone who loves great music.

With her supple sense of swing, blues-inflected phrasing, and gift for emphatic interpretation, it’s easy to see why Kaz Kazamura, owner of Yoshi’s, declared her “perhaps the best new jazz singer in the SF Bay Area.”

…talk about jazz, the subtleties, the intricacies, the storytelling and the harmonies, but soul is a quality that can’t be bought or borrowed, faked or sold, which probably explains why Audrey has emerged as one of the most distinctive and compelling jazz singers on the scene.