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 455 locust st., Bolinas, CA 94924

Adjacent to my home and studio, Point Reyes National Seashore offers abundant reference material for artistic research. My newest work combine personal and social imagery humoring overwhelming statistics indicating our perpetuation of a nearing “6th global mass extinction,” accelerated by business as usual. Having survived previous extinctions, the sea urchin has been a referenced object of my work; an icon, time capsule of circular energy and mandala predating our own fossil records. My Paintings and installations offer conversation critiquing and celebrating humanities relationship to the Sea. With a variety of style and technique, I experiment with pigment, polymers and resin on wood, canvas, walls and installations/shrine incorporating existing raw architecture and or temporary spaces. Creating a New mythology, wild animals are Gods where their survival depends on us. Lets discuss a future temple of the subconscious through the Urchin.