Visual Art


 Marin County, CA

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For the Public
As Melanie Victor-Smith sees it, the art world needs to be more accessible. Most brick & mortar galleries are located in one area of a community and have the same general look and feel. It requires a certain intent to visit and can often feel a bit intimidating for many people. That’s why she decided to found Artstream, a whole new way to experience art. Artstream leaves the traditional art gallery in the dust, bringing art to multiple locations in your community in a mid-century Airstream trailer. Available to all, Artstream makes contemporary art accessible in a fun, design-forward setting.

For the Business Partner/Collaborator
Artstream is a unique, mobile art gallery guaranteed to draw a crowd. Housed in a sleek, mid-century modern Airstream, this art gallery on wheels is designed to make it easy for buyers to discover contemporary art by bringing it to a variety of doorsteps. Inviting Artstream to your event or location will drive buzz and foot traffic for your business. Artstream’s founder is Bay Area native Melanie Victor-Smith, who proudly represents local artists with strong local followings. Partnering with Artstream will bring a larger and new audience to your business.