Fairfax Open Space Committee

Fairfax Open Space Committee

Culture - Nonprofit

Website: https://www.townoffairfax.org/departments/fairfax-open-space-committee/


 142 Bolinas Rd, Fairfax, CA 94930

FOSC’s mission is to preserve the visual and environmental values of our community through the purchase of undeveloped land in and around Fairfax.  Our goal is to provide sanctuary for indigenous flora and fauna for future generations.

FOSC is an advisory body to the Town Council and its role is to advocate for open space.  It is FOSC’s responsibility to survey the lands within, and adjacent to, the Town of Fairfax in order to determine the availability of unique, threatened, or environmentally sensitive land parcels that may be appropriate to acquire to hold in perpetuity as dedicated open space for the public.

FOSC is also responsible for the consideration of long term planning of open space in and near Fairfax, for the generation of community support for the implementation of that program and for the fund raising necessary to implement the plan.