The Canal Arts

The Canal Arts

Visual Art


 San Rafael, CA 94901

In Marin County a coalition of artists and organizations is advancing the Canal Arts Initiative, promoting the creation and use of public art in East San Rafael and the Canal, home to the North Bay’s largest immigrant community.


  • Through public art, bring visible transformation to the Canal neighborhood expressing its mix of immigrant cultures and the hopes, dreams and contributions of its community.
  • Promote the use of color on buildings. A wall or an entire building, simply repainted with a lively palette, can make an engaging difference at little cost.
  • Include participatory education elements throughout public art conception and creation, with an emphasis on history and meaning, and reflection on its impact.


  • Utilize the arts to bridge differences and forge unity
  • Community engagement in all aspects of CAI work
  • Outcomes of and by the community
  • Create economic opportunity and investment in the community
  • Foster communication that leads to understanding

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