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MarinArts Building Equity in Marin’s Arts and Entertainment Community

MarinArts recognizes that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to a thriving arts community; where equity, acceptance and social justice are key to preserving unique and diverse points of view. It is in this spirit that we commit to protecting diversity, equity and inclusion within our operations, and our community and messaging.

We are committed to examining our programming and practices on a regular basis to ensure that our procedures are diverse, equitable and inclusive of all members of our community, without limitation, and without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age or veteran status.

We will take actions toward creating greater social justice within the greater community. We will commit to including culturally diverse programming that educates, inspires action, promotes awareness and helps shape more inclusive social paradigms.

How we will achieve this goal:

  1. We will engage with and listen to our community members, including those less represented and most vulnerable, in order to understand their needs and represent them.
  2. We will assess and address cultural bias and racial assumptions within our own lives, and within our organization and programming.
  3. We will identify programming and provide editorial that will encourage conversations to raise awareness and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our community and beyond.
  4. We will cultivate relationships with other organizations who share our goal of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community and beyond by listing arts venues in Marin on our website with Equity Statements in a directory on our site.

Website Features

On this website we have implemented several features that serve the interests of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as Accessibility:

Website Language Translation

Our website is composed originally in English, but also includes an algorithmic translation option found in the top right corner.

Alternative languages may be chosen, including Chinese (Simplified), Filipino, French, German, Hmong, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Language Options

Website Accessibility Tools

Our website has options to assist those with difficulty reading computer screens, including characteristics such as increasing or decreasing text size, converting the site from color to grayscale display, applying high or negative contrast, applying a light background, explicitly underlining all hyperlinks, and choosing a readable font.

To display the menu for these tools, click on the wheelchair icon in the black square, in the upper right of the page wherever you have scrolled.

Accessibility Tools

Venue Accessibility Search

Our website includes a directory of arts venues in Marin County. A button linking to the Venues Directory is shown in the right-hand column of website pages: VENUES

The Venues Directory has a search function at the top of the right-hand column (“Find A Venue”) that allows our visitors to search for venues according to several criteria that describe venue profiles.

One of those criteria, found at the bottom of the search options, is Accessibility.

Our visitors can click any of the checkboxes for various venue amenities including Braille, Closed Caption, Assisted Listening, Sign Language, and especially Wheelchair Access, among others.

Upon clicking the “SEARCH” button, the system will display a list of all venues in the directory that satisfy those criteria.

These accessibility features are also displayed on event listings that are presented at those venues.

venue accessibility
Venue Accessibility

Diverse Voices

We identify event calendar listings and UPTAKE Culture Feed stories that accord with our mission to raise awareness and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our community and beyond, with a flag (event categories) or tag (stories).

To search for events with the Diverse Voices flag, choose MORE > CULTURAL > DIVERSE VOICES from the main menu:

Diverse Voices events selection

To find UPTAKE stories with the Diverse Voices tag, browse to UPTAKE and click the diverse_voices tag from the UPTAKE Tags word-cloud (see gray box in word-cloud image below).

UPTAKE Tags word-cloud

Artes Latino Marin

We include a special section devoted to spotlighting events on our calendar relating to Spanish-speaking and Indigenous communities, including English-Spanish bilingual events and other events featuring members of these communities.

This section is titled Artes Latino Marin. All events in this section are also flagged as Diverse Voices, and are included in that event selection.

To browse to this section, choose MORE > CULTURAL > ARTES LATINO from the main menu:

artes latino marin