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Dan Krimm

I am a fretless electric bass guitarist, focusing mostly on modern jazz for my own compositions and band-leading (a lot of “ECM” type music, but with some degree of funk/rock-jazz fusion added).  I have a wider range as a sideman, from avant garde free improv to singer-songwriters working in folk/pop/rock veins.  I mostly focus on original music of one kind or another, not much into cover band work, though I’ll do occasional covers that are in accord with my personal muse.

I had classical violin training, but gave up that instrument decades ago.  Also play a bit of finger-style nylon-string (6-string) guitar, mostly for composing and for my own private enjoyment, but I hardly ever perform in public on it.  I cut my jazz teeth in college and in NYC for about 15 years thereafter.

I received an NEA Jazz Fellowship grant in the mid-80s and have recorded three studio albums and a live concert recording from which several tunes were taken for a live album.

Added to that are a few sideman recordings along the way.


As a sideline I dabble a bit in abstract photography, re-contextualization of surface artifacts on objects as elements for composition in its own right.  I’ve also experimented with digital processing to create enhanced works from photographic sources.  On occasion I may participate in group exhibits in the area (see image gallery).


  • Gallery 1 - Untitled
  • Gallery 2 - Dan Krimm
  • Gallery 3 - winter white 2019
  • Gallery 4 - Dan Krimm
  • Gallery 5 - Untitled
  • Gallery 6 - wood flow
  • Gallery 7 - Dan Krimm
  • Gallery 8 - untitled ohanlon wabi-sabi
  • Gallery 9 - wood flow fantasy
  • Gallery 10 - Found Form
  • Gallery 11 - Splash
  • Gallery 12 - Fence Face - Totem
  • Gallery 13 - tree cracks - wabi sabi o'hanlon center
  • Gallery 14 - clash of civilizations
  • Gallery 15 - draped serenity
  • Gallery 16 - Tempest - Exhibited at O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Annual Members' Show, 2023
  • Untitled - Exhibited at O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, 16th Annual Wabi-Sabi exhibition, 2019


  • "Meadowlark" composed by Dan Krimm, Performed by Gary Monheit and Dan Krimm with special guest Scott Amendola

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