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Nathalie Worthington

[Pictured above: Light Rider, painted at Deer Park, CA]

I could walk forever in the Open Spaces in the vicinity of Fairfax, CA. How lucky I am to combine this passion with my life-long love of painting.  Painting since age 27, I  can’t imagine having to go too many days without painting and its creative challenge, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, creative zone and flow.  My medium all these years has been acrylic on canvas or panel (plein air).

Natural scenes at a moment when the light feels significant inspire me and motivate me to express what I see, plus a little extra.  When late afternoon sun plays over vast distances a mood comes about in me and in my intention for the piece at hand.  I feel awed and humbled, and do all I can to show my appreciation for the beauty that’s around me.  I usually have a general visual objective when I begin a painting.  I also love happy “unexpecteds” to enhance and put my own mark in the piece.

Finding places in a moment of time when light and ambiance are exquisite and irrestable… especially to my brushes. Deference to dimension and captivating highlights pull me through the process: a frenzied beginning, a choreographed and spontaneous process and a resolve to share the finished piece.


  • Cavorting, painted at Bald Hill, CA

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